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SBA Beveiliging was founded in 1979, by Henk van der Steen. Since then, through knowledge, quality and flexibility, a solid and trustworthy security company has been built up, with its focus on the customer.

René van der Vlies is now the current owner of SBA Beveiliging. René has been working in this field since 1991, on all fronts and at all levels of the security field. The security sector and dealing with its various relations are René’s biggest passion. With his enthusiasm as driving force, he intends to be and remain a leader in the security field. The ambition of René is to further develop the company and to maintain having satisfied customers, through knowledge, experience, quality, flexibility and a focus on the customer. The aim of René is to remain at the top of the security industry.

SBA Beveiliging provides consultancy, supply, installation, maintenance and service of burglary prevention, fire prevention, access control, video surveillance systems, data communication systems, architectural security and safes. We are up to date on the newest developments in the security field and can therefore provide a complete security plan. SBA Beveiliging provides solutions rather than products. It is our challenge to strive for the best possible security solution in every possible situation. SBA Beveiliging is a leader in the security field. Our clientele is very diverse, ranging from individuals to businesses and government to institutions.

SBA Beveiliging is a leader in the security field. Our clientele is very diverse from individuals to businesses, government and institutions.

Our employees are highly motivated, customer-oriented, knowledgeable and trustworthy. They carefully install different systems, perform maintenance, are flexible and help think about the best possible solution. It goes without saying that they are in possession of a ‘proof of reliability’.

Naturally, SBA Beveiliging is a BORG certified technical security company. This means that the quality of the work and the services are guaranteed to be of the highest level in the field. CIBV Certification is the certification institute in the Netherlands for safety and security. This certification is an independent statement that provides justified confidence in demonstrable compliance with standards and regulations.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, with the customer always being at the centre of our attention. SBA Beveiliging is eager to assist with your questions, comments and concerns. The lines to the customer and within the company are short, so we are fast and flexible.

SBA Beveiliging has a good and solid customer service. We are accessible 24/7 and available for troubleshooting your system.

We offer our customers a maintenance/service plan. The system that has been installed will be inspected annually, you will receive a discount on the hourly rate and no extra charges apply for evening, weekend and holiday hours. This way you are assured that your system is up to date and reliable.

Would you like to purchase a maintenance/service plan? We would be happy to send you a competitive offer.


SBA Beveiliging: safe, sharp and secure!

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