Safety is a feeling … you know what it is if it isn’t here!

SBA Security provides advice on the purchase and installation of intrusion systems since 1979. Due to our up to date knowledge and customer friendly approach, we have acquired a large amount of regular customers as well as a good reputation.

 Security systems are made to detect intruders, but the security has to be user friendly and therefore integrated well into the daily life of the user. If your security needs to be changed, it should be easy to adapt. Besides intruder protection, extra components like motion detectors, video cameras, smoke and fire detectors and access control can be added to the system. SBA Security is your partner to configurate a complete security plan, covering all your needs.

+ Intruder protection

SBA Security has been providing advice on the purchase and installation of intrusion systems since 1979. Due to our up to date knowledge and customer friendly approach, we have acquired a large number of regular customers as well as a good reputation.


+ Domotics

Domotics integrates technology and services in households and organizations. We are used to seeing every technical solution separately, but, by combining your alarm system with other applications, domotics (also known as ‘the internet of things’) is formed.


+ Access control

Access control does literally mean having vision and control over the access to a building, terrain or specific part of either. It will provide extra safety, since you can flexibly determine who is allowed to enter an area or building, at what times.


+ Fire and evacuation

The speed at which a fire spreads is astonishing. A small, starting fire can quickly grow into an enormous house fire.
Early detection can be lifesaving. People can be evacuated, personal belongings can be saved and there is an increasing chance the building can be saved.


+ Data & telecom

A data communication network is a network for data transfer between two or more devices. These devices include phones, modems, televisions, computers or components of these.


+ Cameras

Security cameras work very well as a preventive action and therefore are used increasingly often by businesses, on properties, in stores and in houses.


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SBA Beveiliging provides solutions, not only products. Our challenge is to strive for optimal security solutions for different scenarios in all possible cases. Keywords are: customer satisfaction, continuity and integrity. Our service and drive to cooperate with our customers is the solid base for an enduring relationship.


In the heart of the Betuwe the popular holiday park the Eiland van Maurik is situated. The park is surrounded by water and nature and offers many sporting facilities. Next to a marina you will find a recreational lake with a beach and visitors can camp or spend the night in unique holiday houses. There are adventure islands and various catering establishments. In short, all the ingredients for a dream holiday with the whole family are present.
In order to guarantee the safety in the park, Lennard Kempers owner of the Eiland van Maurik, was looking for a partner to visualize the access to and activities in the park.
Together with René van der Vlies, Lennard Kempers has succeeded in realizing a security plan without affecting the carefree holiday atmosphere in the park. More information about the Eiland van Maurik you will find on https://www.eilandvanmaurik.nl


SBA Beveiliging has been commissioned to install various security facilities at the Prinses Beatrixsluis in Nieuwegein. The Prinses Beatrixsluis is a national monument from 1938 and the Netherlands’ largest monumental inland lock. About 50,000 ships pass through the lock each year. Due to the increase of large ships, a 3rd chamber is being constructed and the Lek canal is being widened at Nieuwegein. More information about this project can be found at https://www.prinsesbeatrixsluis.nl


More and more companies and private individuals use cameras for monitoring and securing their buildings and goods. These private cameras are increasingly being reported to the police who make grateful use of this in solving crimes. By using the ‘camera in beeld’ database, the police can see where cameras are installed and view the images quickly. In the meantime, more than 200,000 security cameras have been registered with this database and 60 registrations are added every day. Would you like to know more about this database? Click on www.politie.nl/themas/camera-in-beeld